Consultant Radiation Oncologist

Dr. Prasad Raj Dandekar is a Radiation Oncologist based in Mumbai and heads the department of Radiation Oncology at Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital, Mumbai

He is trained at the apex cancer institute of India, the Tata Memorial Hospital (2001 – 2006) where he pursued his MD and DNB in Radiation Oncology, followed by the Royal Marsden NHS Trust Hospital London, UK (2007 – 2009), where he completed his fellowship in Head and Neck Cancers.

Radiotherapy doctor in mumbai

Dr. Prasad recognises that the cancer diagnosis and treatment could be an emotionally traumatic experience. He is a trained counsellor (Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling) and offers patient-centric, empathetic care, helping patients to cope better with emotional distress.

Apart from bringing in his excellent oncology experience, he also brings in the unique experience of setting up and heading new departments of Radiation Oncology at various institutions such as Narayana Hrudayalaya – Bangalore (2009 – 2010), Sir L H Hiranandani Hospital – Mumbai (2010 – 2014) and Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital (2014 – till date).

He has keen interest in how technology is shaping the field of Oncology. He is the pioneer of Surface Guided Radiotherapy in India, he was one of the first adaptors of the precision radiotherapy technique of Rapid Arc in India, and he one of the first to design and run the Radiation Oncology Department on a completely digital paperless platform. He specializes in precision radiotherapy techniques which are aimed at targeting the cancer with extreme precision while preventing the side effects due to radiation.

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What is Radiotherapy or Radiation therapy?
Radiotherapy treats cancer using radiation such as X- Rays. Radiotherapy is administered on specialized machines known as linear accelerators. Typically, it is delivered 5 days every week for a duration of 2 to 7 weeks.
Why choose Dr. Prasad Raj Dandekar for radiotherapy?
Dr. Prasad has extensive experience of using high precision radiotherapy for cancer cure. He is trained at renowned institutions such as The Royal Marsden NHS Trust, London, and Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. He has pioneered the use of techniques such as Surface Guided Radiotherapy and Rapid Arc, which significantly reduce side effects and improve results. He has a highly trained, skilled, and compassionate team with him, to plan and deliver the best possible therapy and achieve excellent results. At Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital, he has put in place many best practices to provide you with the best possible care and experience with us. The features which make his team stand out are:

  • Our hospital is a Non – CoViD hospital. We follow stringent safety protocols to keep you safe from CoViD when visiting us.
  • The best practice in cancer care is to follow internationally accepted standard guidelines, based on research. Our team rigorously follows these guidelines to ensure the best cure rates and minimal side effects.
  • Cancer treatment requires the expertise of multiple specialists. Every week, our surgical, medical, and radiation oncologists and & other specialists such as radiologists and pathologists, assemble together and discuss individual patient cases in our “Multidisciplinary Tumour Board”. This ensures that patient benefits from the expert opinion of all the specialists.
  • We deliver radiotherapy using an unparalleled combination of state-of-the-art technology, rigorous safety processes, and highly skilled personnel.
  • We choose the right option for you from our wide range of radiotherapy techniques such as Rapid Arc, IGRT, SRS, SBRT, IMRT, 3DCRT, Brachytherapy, Electron therapy etc.
  • We have processes & technology for minimising the radiation dose received by normal tissues. This significantly reduces side effects.
  • We conduct a weekly audit of your treatment progress and have checks & balances in place for your safety.
  • We offer a unique cancer rehabilitation program along with radiotherapy. It includes nutritional guidance, yoga therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, and counseling.
  • For your comfort, we offer services such as video consultations, a lounge facility, and playing your choice of music while you are receiving radiotherapy.
  • Our hospital’s commitment to patient safety and quality of care has been recognised by the highly prestigious NABH and JCI accreditation.
What happens on your first visit to Dr. Prasad?
Please report a few minutes before your appointment time and inform the receptionist upon your arrival. If you feel that you may not be able to sit down comfortably, we would be happy to arrange for you to lie down. Dr. Prasad will have a detailed chat with you, conduct necessary clinical examination, and record your clinical history. Depending on the investigations you have already been through, you may be asked for few more tests if necessary. He will discuss with the patient and the family members, the different treatment modalities available and their benefits. If radiotherapy is planned, we will give you a detailed plan and appointments. If referrals to other specialists are required, we will facilitate that for you.
What are the different radiotherapy techniques?
Several techniques are available and they are appropriate in different clinical indications. Dr. Prasad will explain to you in detail about the best technique suited for your condition. Commonly used techniques are Rapid arc, Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT), Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT), and Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS).